You’ve been warned.

Thought Catalog

1. People are going to dump you for no good reason.

There is something in the human brain which demands a logical explanation for even the most illogical events. “You can’t just up and dump me without a goddamn good reason,” it says, “I am in incredible pain right now. Someone justify this to me!” But sometimes, you can’t. They didn’t cheat on you. They didn’t leave you for someone else. They didn’t move away. There was no big life change. They just kind of stopped being into you for whatever reason, and there is nothing in the whole world less satisfying than that nonsense. It provides no closure, gives you nothing tangible to work on, and doesn’t even make for good bouts of self-loathing. You just have to kind of absorb the blow and accept that sometimes things don’t work out even though you did everything right, and there…

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