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1. People are passive aggressive

When text messages were invented, passive aggressive people around the world rejoiced and said, “THANK YOU JESUS! There’s now yet another medium I can use where I don’t have to express my true feelings to someone and can make them feel bad in a variety of subtle (and not-so-sublte) ways!” Text messaging has now become the # 1 way to find out if you’re in the dog house with a friend or lover. For example, if they reply to your texts curtly with a simple “okay.”, you know you’re up shit creek without a paddle. That period after the okay might as well be a fucking Bazooka gun. YOU ARE DEAD. (Being pissed over texts has become so common that people have become paranoid that a friend is angry at them when they’re, in fact, fine. “When you said “yes” to my “see you later…

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